Open Call

WANTED: people who have had to leave their homes because of war violence.

For a new art project during the Airborne March 2018, I am looking for people who had to flee their homes because of war violence.
I ask them to give a description of how the facade of the house they had to leave looked like. Photos of the house that had to be abandoned are also welcome.

Do you or someone you know want to participate? Mail to:
Thanks a lot in advance!

All collected images/drawings/photos of houses will be printed on white flags. These flags will be carried by the walkers during the Airborne March.

See here the collection of homes so far.

This project is inspired by the fact that after the Battle of Arnhem (1944) the inhabitants of this area had to leave their homes. They carried white flags with them to prevent shootings. The work establishes a connection between this historic evacuation and people who have recently fled.

Art Borne

1st of September 2018 I will show a new art project during the Airborne March at Oosterbeek.
This March is organised for the remembrance of the Battle of Arnhem, 1944.
Stichting Scarabee organizes each year two art projects at this event.

What to eat?

In 2017 the artproject What to eat? is realized. This work exists of 9 seats with photographs of historical food recipies. 
Location: around Woudrichem